Jacqueline Kamp

Jacqueline Kamp holds a combined bachelor's degree with a major in cultural history and theory and a minor in history and is currently pursuing her master's degree in cultural history and theory at Humboldt University in Berlin. She was an editorial contributor to the RealIZM blog from May 2021 to October 2022.

Sustainable mobile devices for the environment: Long live smartphones and tablets!

Mobility matters for people and their devices, but increasingly, so does sustainability. But smartphones, tablets, and the like generate considerable carbon emissions when they are produced and when they are used. In addition, valuable raw materials are used to make…

Adhesive-free fused silica fiber joints made possible by direct laser welding

Fused silica may be expensive and complicated to produce, but the laser welding process developed at Fraunhofer IZM, which uses it as a connection for photonic chips, is something of a revolution. Welding with a CO2 laser enables robust and…

Behind the Scenes: Introducing the New RealIZM Team

With more than 400 employees at three locations in Germany and laboratory space of over 8,000 square meters, the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM is working on technologies and making innovative ideas happen in the field of microelectronics….