Embedding PCB Technologies for Power electronics is a key research area at Fraunhofer IZM.

Miniaturization and packaging of power electronics by embedding of semiconductor switches into the build-up layers of a printed circuit board has experienced a considerable development throughout recent years. The commercialization and the introduction of the first products into the market took place. Additionally, there are still a number of interesting new concepts under scientific and technological investigation. Embedding PCB Technologies for Power electronics.

Modular power electronics is a strategy to integrate the heterogeneous components of a more complex power system into one compact and robust module. Such modules consist – in addition to the power switches – typically of gate drivers, controllers and logic elements for measurement and control. Finally, coolers for effective heat distribution are another essential part of such a system. The requirements with respect to thermal, voltage, and current load that each system component has to withstand are, however, quite different. Therefore, each type of sub-module can be realized by an individual technologically and economically optimized embedding approach. Embedded modules are inherently flat. With copper contacts on the top and bottom of the package, they suite area covering or stacked mounting onto a base module followed by subsequent lamination and typical printed circuit board processing.

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