Modeling and optimization of antennas and RF Transmitter/Receiver Components is one of the key search areas at Fraunhofer IZM. Efficient design and elegant integration of RF modules are decisive. This refers not only to wireless data transmission, but also to synchronization between mobile devices. Such modules mainly comprise embedded components, which include for example antennas, filters and switches.Their performance and reliability depends on the substrate technology used.

A high degree of miniaturization ist the reason for placing the antennas and the RF transceivers’ components in close physical vicinity to each other. This often results in unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI), but our research group is dedicated to preventing EMI by improving the layout of antennas and components.

The research activities at the institute concerning modeling and optimization of antennas aim at an optimal design of antenna and components. For this purpose, we design, model, simulate and measure antennas. We use an innovative design process and our measuring equipment and our special expertise in the field of antennas will guide you through all stages of the development process of your products.

Fraunhofer IZM developed the M3 approach: methods, models, measures. The integrated design of highly efficient adapted antennas allows a much more targeted design.

Our team has many years experience, because optimization of antennas is a key search areas at Fraunhofer IZM. The content of which covers the complete development chain for highly efficient antennas. Starting with the design, this includes modeling and simulation up to the metrological verification of the antennas.

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