RealIZM is an online communication platform and corporate blog of the Fraunhofer IZM, dedicated to sharing our R&D ideas and technological solutions on application-oriented topics and to providing insights into breakthrough technologies in the field of microelectronics.

The blog represents a profound scientific forum for communicating with electronics enthusiasts and making ideas come to life.

Science Communication as a Catalyst for Innovation in Microelectronics

Wanted: Your Opinion about the RealIZM Blog! RealIZM is Fraunhofer’s first blog on microelectronics and more: a knowledge communication platform. For three years now, we have been using our science blog to give the broader expert public a glimpse behind…

Behind the Scenes: Introducing the New RealIZM Team

With more than 400 employees at three locations in Germany and laboratory space of over 8,000 square meters, the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM is working on technologies and making innovative ideas happen in the field of microelectronics….