Wire bonding

Wire bonding is a standard process for electrical contacting in packaging and interconnection technology. It is widely used in semiconductor assembly. Applications are, for example, in chip-on-board technology or power module technology. It also plays a major role in high-frequency technology or in the assembly of microsystems. In wire bonding, the electrical connection is usually made using wires made of aluminium, gold, copper or silver. These are connected to each other in a solid state using various techniques through the temporary action of pressure, temperature and/or ultrasound. In the process, the contact points take the form of a wedge or a ball.

Infinite Potential of Wire Bonding: New Research Findings

Aluminium copper bi-metal bonding wires in a trilateral transfer project funded by the DFG With more than half a century of history behind the technology, progress in wire bonding shows no signs of slowing down. For proof of the technology’s…