Prof. Dr. Martin Schneider-Ramelow

Professor Martin Schneider-Ramelow has established himself as one of Germany’s leading microelectronics researchers and teachers, serving as acting director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM and Professor of “Materials in Hetero System Integration” at the Technical University of Berlin since 2017. Beginning his academic career in several research assistant roles in metallurgy and materials science at the TU Berlin, Professor Schneider-Ramelow completed his engineering doctorate with honours at the University’s then Institute of Materials Technologies in 1998. He joined Fraunhofer IZM as a researcher and project leader in the same year to pursue work on high-reliability wire bonding technologies, winning the Fraunhofer IZM Prize for Research Excellence in Microelectronics, Microsystem Engineering, and Packaging in 2006, before taking over the Fraunhofer IZM Branch Lab Microsystem Engineering in Berlin / Adlershof (a role he held until 2013) and later heading the Institute’s System Integration and Interconnection Technologies department (until 2018). His research and development work, especially in the field of metallic interconnects and their reliability, is one pillar of Professor Schneider-Ramelow’s standing in his field.


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