Start-ups at IZM

Start-ups at Fraunhofer IZM get an innovative workspace. Start-A-Factory is part of IZM Berlin and offers hardware developers and start-ups from around the world a unique opportunity.

Start-a-Factory provides a device infrastructure and work environment specifically designed for hardware start-ups. Young engineers will be able to work with the newest technology. The start-ups are accompanied by Fraunhofer IZM’s experts and scientists.

The concept of start-a-factory will take your idea from the planning stage to a first industrial grade prototype. The experts help start-ups with each step along the development cycle. No matter what it entails, the support you receive is tailor-made for your project and the goal is always paramount: turning your idea into a tangible and testable prototype. Start-A-Factory accompanies startups and small to medium-sized enterprises from their first draft further to a working and industrial grade prototype.

Quickly and efficiently due to state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of Fraunhofer IZM’s scientists and their partners.

The owners of the product, which are the start-up founders, always remain highly involved. The level of support you get and the development times are 100% individual. In our first meeting we develop a roadmap that is tailor-made to your specific goals and plans. Start-A-Factory then connects you with experienced partners to provide your project with the ideal conditions for a successful production.

Trust is our greatest asset, so we don’t take any shares with Start-A-Factory. The rights to your intellectual property remain 100% with your company.

Discover Start-a-Factory

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