Adam Rumjahn

Adam Rumjahn is a Canadian born engineer and entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial pursuits has given him the experience of starting his own clothing line to making furniture and skateboards. His education in mechanical engineering combined with his experience in automation has given him the opportunity to work on everything from race cars, magnetic bearings to industrial machinery and now 3D printers. He is now the founder and CEO of Orion AM. He is passionate about developing and implementing new innovative technologies to realize positive social and environmental impacts on society. He is ambitious about bringing Additive Manufacturing technologies into aerospace applications to help support future space exploration missions.


Driven by curiosity and the spirit of discovery, Adam Rumjahn founded his own start-up: Orion AM. His vision is to use industrial additive manufacturing for advanced applications, using aerospace-grade polymers. 3D printing with these super-plastics is a revolutionary prospect for…