There are countless methods to analyze Materials. One method is to use photons. The start-up ‚Photonic Insights‘ provides sensors which are able to characterize a material without laboratory preparation.

“With low-resolution spectroscopy, it is not possible to get the exact waveform that corresponds to what materials are. Instead, it is an approximation. This spectrographic reading correlates to a value, therefore it does not mean it is the exact value. That difference is important for researchers, but for practical applications, it is not. A fingerprint is a representation that points to an actual value.

The sensors are able to characterise a material without laboratory preparation. If I need to tell you what is in the cup of tea you are having, I can send it to a lab. After that, you would know exactly what was in there, but it would cost a lot of money, and the sample would be destroyed. With spectroscopy, we are able to scan and take a reading. We illuminate the sample. The sample remains intact, and I can tell you various characteristics of it: the chemical composition, how much water is in there, how much caffeine is in the tea, I can even fingerprint it.“ Mike Richardson, Photonics Insights

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Mike Richardson has always been a science and technology enthusiast. Having chosen Berlin as the perfect place for founders, not least for those working in the exciting field of spectroscopic solutions, he navigated the difficult world of start-up ventures with…

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