Pauline O’Callaghan

Polly O’Callaghan is co-founder and CEO of Hearable Labs. She has a B.Eng degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and an M.Sc. degree in Physics from University College Dublin. She has contributed to the development of several deep tech products over the last 12 years including wearables, hearables, scientific instruments and agricultural automation. Polly founded Hearable Labs in Berlin in 2019 with the mission to give everyone control over what they hear. She is passionate about building futuristic technologies that will benefit society.

The Future of Technology in Your Ear – ‘Hearable Labs’

RealIZM meets Pauline O’Callaghan, the CEO of ‘Hearable Labs’, a start-up developing futuristic technologies that will live inside your ear. RealIZM: Tell us about Hearable Labs. Pauline O’Callaghan: I should start by telling you what hearables are: generally, they’re true…