Hearables are true wireless headphones that allow to control how to hear things. It enables the user to turn the volume of the world around him/her up or down. Thus, the user can focus only on what he wants to hear, for example the voice of the person he is speaking to. Being in control of what to hear can reduce stress and improve concentration.

The start-up Hearable Labs helps headphone companies to build hearables. This happens through feasibility studies to help them understand several aspects. Those are the technical challenges, budgets, and the timelines required to bring a hearable to market. Additionally, Hearable Labs helps through engineering services. This includes developing hardware and software for their product. They last way to support the headphones companies is through licensing: Hearable Labs offers technologies that they have already developed to help them get to market faster

The Future of Technology in Your Ear – ‘Hearable Labs’

RealIZM meets Pauline O’Callaghan, the CEO of ‘Hearable Labs’, a start-up developing futuristic technologies that will live inside your ear. RealIZM: Tell us about Hearable Labs. Pauline O’Callaghan: I should start by telling you what hearables are: generally, they’re true…