LED is the abbreviation for light-emitting diode. Light-emitting diodes are able to emit different forms of light when electric current flows through. The market of LEDs and related power components is a very fast growing market.

Covert Science focuses on developing lighting technology, including new high-volume. Additionally, they work on low-cost methods of manufacturing LED lighting based on flexible substrates. They want to automize all the different ways for manufacturing of an LED light source in the form of a textile or fabric. The founder thinks that LED lighting int he near future will no longer be something that is made in rigid metal housings. It will be incorporated into other objects such as wall coverings, ceilings tiles, and especially flexible fabrics. In order to do that, the team develops not only ways of putting the LEDs onto textiles but also of waterproofing them in order to protect them environmentally. In addition, their LED light sources will be integrated with the drivers. Therefore they are developing power conversion electronics in very flat and flexible form factors.