Energy Harvesting

Energy-autonomous microsystems and intelligent, self-sufficient sensor nodes will lead to completely new applications in the future. The energy supply necessary for this must be an integral part already in the early phases of development and makes it necessary for developers, producers and end customers to work together. Micro batteries, micro fuel cells and energy harvesting are key words in this development.

Fraunhofer IZM is working together with partners from industry and with other institutes in this thematic field in a number of collaborative projects. The WLSI department uses the silicon 3D technologies above all. But they also use innovative PCB and packaging technologies to miniaturize and integrate energy supply systems.

Low Power and Communicative Microsystems: Turnkey Solutions for Industry

In factories, cars, agriculture, medicine – microsystems are used everywhere. Julia Günther-Sorge, a researcher on microperipheric technologies at the Technical University of Berlin and member of the Sensor Nodes & Embedded Microsystems group working in cooperation with Fraunhofer IZM, has…