Automotive/Transportation – core competence at Fraunhofer IZM

The application areas automotive and transportation technologies are core competences of Fraunhofer IZM since it’s establishment. Automotive driving and new ways of transportation, especially in urban areas, are hot topics all over the industry. The institute has worked with OEMs, tier 1s and, in particular, their suppliers. Fraunhofer IZM intends to “electronify” the automobile at all levels. We develop innovative, cost-efficient and reliable solutions. This includes the prototype level, for conventional, hybrid and electric drive engineering and safety and comfort systems. The field of application consists of different competences: Sensor and actuator technology, Power electronics, Reliability management and assurance and Robust design.

Automotive/Transportation – core competence at Fraunhofer IZM

Weltraumelektronik – Fit für den Orbit

Der Weltraumvertrag von 1967 regelt: „Jede Nation hat freien Zugang zum All.“ Seit zirka 20 Jahren starten immer mehr Nationen mit kommerziellen Projekten in den Weltraum. Private Raumfahrtunternehmen planen, mit Mikro– und Nanosatelliten z.B. die weltweite lückenlose Internetversorgung zu erreichen….

Space Electronics – Fit for Orbit!

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 stipulates that every nation enjoys free access to space. For the last 20 years, more and more nations have been launching commercial projects in space. Private spaceflight companies are planning to use micro and…

A Pedestrian Or Just A Beverage Can? Helping Self-Driving Cars Recognize Objects With Cameras and Radars Combined

Autonomous driving is getting better with every technological advance. But for driverless cars to become truly safe in traffic, they need a sensor system that recognises objects in the street – reliably and with no margin for error. Christian Tschoban…

Meet 6G’s Future with Holographic Communication

5G is not fully rolled out yet, but Fraunhofer IZM is already pursuing research on 6G communication modules. As these modules must be distributed more densely, the hardware has to become more compact. Finding the right way to miniaturize modules…


When developing and bringing new products to market, knowing its lifetime can be essential. Manufacturers want their products to work for a specific period of time or number of uses, but things break and products fail. To know when and…