Jan Hefer

Jan Hefer studied mechanical and electrical engineering in Hanover, Dortmund and Berlin. After graduating in 2003, he initially worked as a research assistant at the TU Berlin at the Berlin Center of Advanced Packaging (BeCAP). In 2005, he moved to Fraunhofer IZM, where he became head of the Advanced System Development working group in the System Design & Integration department in 2006. Since mid-2015, he has coordinated various large collaborative projects and has headed Fraunhofer IZM's "Trustworthy Electronics" task force since 2021. His research interests lie in the areas of energy self-sufficient microsystems, wireless sensor systems and data loggers, energy efficiency of electronic systems and trustworthy electronics.

Threats and protection mechanisms for the trustworthiness of electronic hardware

RealIZM blog series “Hardware security” – Part 1 With increasing globalization and more complex supply chains, electronic hardware is also becoming more susceptible to manipulation. Jan Hefer, a member of the RF & Smart Sensor Systems department, is working hard…