Dr.-Ing. Charles-Alix Manier

Dr. Charles-Alix Manier completed his degree in physical measurements at the University Jean Monnet of Saint-Etienne (FR), followed by a master’s degree in Material Sciences from the engineering school INSA-Lyon in France. He then joined the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin to work on tribology and complete his PhD degree at the Technical University of Berlin in 2010. He has been with Fraunhofer IZM ever since, joining in 2010 as a researcher in the Fine Pitch Assembly and Interconnects (FPAI) group and working on flip chip and die bonding technologies (including reflow soldering, thermocompression, Transient Liquid Phase Bonding) in diverse fields of applications (including MEMS, power electronics, medical technology). He primarily works on chip-to-chip/substrate and chip-to-wafer bonding, on the hermetical vacuum sealing of MEMS components, and on the integration of wide-band gap semiconductor chips for high power applications, with his projects including publicly funded European projects as well as private partnership projects.

Efficiency meets affordability: A robust wafer-level packaging process for low-cost infrared cameras

Finding a way to make the production of thermal infrared sensors cheaper would open up numerous new possibilities for thermal imaging systems e.g. for automotive and security applications. This is why Fraunhofer IZM researchers have been working on wafer-level packaging…