Martin Lautsch

Martin Lautsch completed his Bachelor of Science in Transportation Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, before gaining his Master of Engineering at the Technical University of Wildau in 2022. He has been working as research assistant at the Chair of Automation Technology at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg since July 2022. He is actively involved in the "KI@MINT" and "iCampµs" projects. His main areas of expertise are education and research into industrial AI and predictive maintenance.

Maintenance for Industry 4.0: How Multi-Sensor Technology, AI, and Data Fusion Advance Machine Maintenance

RealIZM blog series: “Insights from iCampµs Cottbus” – Part 1 Getting sensor data and being able to process it in real time for control, maintenance, and servicing purposes is increasingly important for Industry 4.0 applications. As part of the BMBF-funded…