Malte von Krshiwoblozki

Malte von Krshiwoblozki is heading the Group System on Flex at the Fraunhofer (IZM) Institute for Reliability and Microintegration where he is responsible for all e-Textile activities. Before that, he worked at Technische Universität Berlin as research fellow and project manager. He holds a diploma degree in microsystem technologies from 2009. During several large EU and national interdisciplinary research projects he gained deep knowledge of emerging technologies for future markets. Malte’s primary expertise and interest is in ”e-Textiles”, and also in stretchable and flexible electronics. His research has been concentrated on interconnection technologies to merge electronics and textiles, as they are important enablers to move wearable “e-textiles” from lab prototypes to volume production and the mainstream market.

How Wearables Will Affect Protection, Fashion, and Communication

There are smartphones, smart homes – and now even our textiles are getting smart. Their practical potential is already being tested by the emergency services, but smart textiles are also set to conquer the world from medicine to fashion and,…