Industrie 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industrie 4.0) is the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology. Large-scale machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and the internet of things (IoT) are integrated for increased automation, improved communication and self-monitoring, and production of smart machines. They aim to be able to analyze and diagnose issues without the need for human intervention

The key to innovation lies in electronics, wether it is for Industry 4.0, cloud systems or autonomous vehicles.

Pragmatic Industries, founded in 2016 does a lot of work in digitization and Industrie 4.0.

Trends like IoT, Industry 4.0, or 5G bring about many new solutions, all of which depend on the right infrastructure.


Modern society is relying more and more on connected, digitalized, and automated technology – an epochal change that touches on all aspects of business life, including the manufacturing of products. Fraunhofer IZM is at the forefront of this trend, creating…